Preregistration Guide


Asheville Staff
This is a guide on how to prereg.
PCs and NPCs will use the CMA to register for the event. If have not yet log onto the CMA, please contact your logistics first to set up your account.

Step 1 (PCs): Pay the game dues at

Step 2 (PCs): Set up your character on the CMA -

Step 3 (PC and NPC): Everyone needs to register for the event on the CMA in order for you to get the weekend experience. To do this click the chapter menu on the top right of the CMA and click on Crossroads. Click on the event to register and fill out the information on there which should look similar as the following -


Day 1 -
Day 2 -

GS Purchases: (100gs limit on production items)


Magic Item Conversion: (link to your copy, or list the info and I will create one for you) For magic items, it will we be a 1 to 1 conversion. Example, If you have 3 cure lights wounds per day (that's 3 rituals), then you could change that to Arcane Armor <25>, Raging blows, and Stalwart Shield.


You may then pick your spell memorozation in the CMA.

Blank magic item conversion sheet for you to copy and link to -
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