Prestige Points Information

Ryan S

Hey Guys!

For those of you who are part of a subfaction, you've probably seen the Prestige options that each subfaction offers. Here are some basic rules for those Prestige options:

1. Prestige points are faction specific. Having a high level of Prestige with the Magic Guild won't let you buy benefits in the Aristocracy, even if you're a member of both.

2. A character may earn 2 Prestige per weekend. This cap is designed to prevent any of the Prestige benefits from getting overused, and to make each purchase feel important.

3. Your Prestige point totals are listed in your subfaction in the Membership post.

4. Include your Prestige increases in your IBGA submission in between games. This doesn't count as an action, and just ensures that Plot rewards you for being involved with your subfaction. Individual subfaction mods should be pretty obvious based on the way that they are hooked, but if you aren't sure, include them anyways, and we'll let you change your choice if it turns out it wasn't a subfaction mod. (e.g. Roderick goes out and helps kill a bunch of undead at the May event. Ryan sends in his IBGA claiming participation in a Magic Guild mod to earn Prestige. Plot would email him back and let him know that the undead mod was part of a different subfaction, and that he can resubmit his Prestige claim for the May game.)

5. Prestige is specific to your character. It cannot be traded, transferred, or pooled between characters.

If you have any other questions about Prestige, feel free to post those here, and we'll answer those questions.