Primal Fae and the Forest elf Tribes

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Tribes of the Jade Pact


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Freedom, teamwork, loyalty

Adlamir teaches their Tribe the power of tactics, and working together. Members of this Tribe are well-known for always having someone’s back.

Thaleron the Mouse
Adaptability, focus, survival

Thaleron teaches their Tribe to survive, to thrive, to be resourceful. Members of this Tribe are well-known for being mobile and alert.

Kysvae the Viper
Cunning, alchemy, magic

Kysvae teaches their Tribe to “work smarter, not harder.” This Tribe produces many scholars and alchemists, as well as those who deal in misdirection.

Haldine the Tiger
Willpower, ferocity, intuition

Haldine teaches their Tribe to trust their instincts, and to act on their passions. This Tribe is well-known for bringing intensity to everything they do.

Ederna the Beetle
Persistence, strength, luck

Ederna teaches their Tribe to be methodical, though a little luck never hurts either. This Tribe is well-known for being skilled crafters.

Gwaelta the Armadillo
Protection, caution, judgement

Gwaelta teaches their Tribe to be even-keeled and dependable. This Tribe is well-known for diligence and patience.

Kephale the Bear
Confidence, courage, healing

Kephale teaches their Tribe to be brave leaders. This Tribe is well-known for wise healers and strong warriors.

Laqze the Spider
Deception, infiltration
(No official mark)
Laqze teaches their Tribe to hide in plain sight, pretending to be members of other Tribes while secretly pursuing the goals of their own. There is no official Tribe for Laqze, and most of the Jade Pact believe that this Tribe does not actually exist, but is just a boogy-man, a story told to keep mischievous children in line...

Tribe Adlamir

“The strength of the Pact is the Pack, and the strength of the Pack is the Pact.”

Of all of the Tribes, Adlamir is the most loyal to the Pact. While members are not fanatics, they are taught from a young age the concepts of strength in numbers, the value of teamwork and cooperation. When possible, Adlamiri will work together, whether that is sharing tasks or flanking opponents.

Adlamiri believe in the nobility of nature, and will try to epitomize that as much as possible. This occasionally leads to some friction with Tribe Kephale, but their code of honor prevents any disagreements from getting out of hand.

Adlamiri have a strong pack-bond mentality, so their friendships, even with those outside the Jade Pact, tends to be fierce. Within the Jade Pact, they are closest with Tribe Haldine, who they view as similarly close to the wild, despite Haldine’s more willful nature.

Tribe Thaleron

“Adapt. Survive. Thrive”

Some might consider Thaleron to be a collection of cowards; they would be gravely mistaken. While it’s true that a Thaleron might jump - even run - if ambushed, it’s not out of fear. Thalerons firmly understand that there is a time and place for everything, and if they aren’t stepping up to a fight, it’s not cowardice - they’re just moving, drawing you in, until the odds are in their favor. “Location, location, location” is something Thalerons understand.

Life is uncertain, difficult, dangerous...but while empires crumble and champions fall, Thalerons not only survive, but thrive. They master the shadows and discover the hidden pathways. They scrounge and innovate, thinking and adapting on the go, fleet of feet and quick of mind.

Though many Thalerons are modest, almost shy, they are champions of hospitality, bringing a warm welcome and a small moment of peace to their allies. Within the Jade Pact, they are closest with Tribe Kysvae, who they feel also value a quick wit and adaptability.

Tribe Kysvae

“Your mind is the greatest tool you’ll ever wield.”

Before the Fall, Elves were viewed as bold, daring, curious, and so clever that many often said that you could never get the better of an Elf. Tribe Kysvae took this to heart, learning from the cunning viper to enhance their own already prodigious reputation. Wit, long-term strategy, and out-of-the-box thinking are all prized by this Tribe, and skills are often honed through games and challenges, tests of memory, knowledge, or talent. Their penchant for sly jokes or well-timed pranks have earned them some notoriety as tricksters.

Many in this Tribe turn towards academic pursuits such as spellcasting or alchemy, but even those who don’t are often renowned for their cunning.

Within the Jade Pact, they are closest with Tribe Thaleron, who the Kysvae view as also prizing intelligent efforts.

Tribe Haldine

“Embrace the wildness within yourself.”

Tribe Haldine is perhaps the closest to the wild… perhaps too close. This Tribe claims to be the first to have accepted the second oath to the Wild Fae, and it shows. Haldine embraces a passionate, carpe diem approach, viewing many social niceties as something of an inconvenience. Advocates of both personal responsibility and personal authenticity, they are often viewed as brash, impulsive, or sometimes even somewhat chaotic. Haldines will simply tell you that they are following their instincts and intuition, and that the unpredictable opponent is the one to be most feared.

Because of what they see as the strongest connection with the wild, Haldines style themselves as the hand of justice, and meting out punishment for those who despoil the wild is viewed as one of the highest honors (though, in this day and age, an exceptionally rare one.)

Within the Jade Pact, they are closest with Tribe Adlamir, who they see as holding closest to the intent of the oaths to the Wild Fae.

Tribe Ederna

“Master your skills. Apply your skills. Success will follow.”

Tribe Ederna is methodical, determined, relentless. Whether crafting supplies or wading into combat, Ederna are structured, and always have a plan.

This doesn’t mean that Ederna are emotionless machines. Instead, they focus on their mastery of the basics, and remember that the most important challenge is the next one. When luck comes into the equation - either in their favor or against - they stay optimistic about it, incorporating the “happy accident” to pivot and continue their efforts.

Within the Jade Pact, they are closest to Tribe Gwaelta, feeling that their acceptance on what is, instead of what they desire things to be, is closest to their own approach.

Tribe Gwaelta

“The mountain remains unmoved by your words.”

Tribe Gwaelta follow a sort of realist, stoic philosophy: they strive to view things as they are, not how one wishes they were. if those things are unacceptable, they will work to change it, without wasting effort complaining about it. This zen-like approach results in a Tribe where observation and quiet patience are cherished, and many Gwaelta practice meditation. This does not equate to passivity, however; when action needs to be taken, the Gwaelta do not hesitate to step up. This combination make them excellent guardians.

The Gwaelta are champions of enduring what needs to be endured, and that they, in doing so, are stronger for it.

Their elevation of self-control sometimes causes friction with the Haldines, as it goes entirely against the Tigers’ embrace of their passions and instincts. However, this seems a somewhat lopsided argument, as most Gwaelta simply shrug off the complaints.

Within the Jade Pact, they are closest to Tribe Ederna, feeling that their acceptance of what is, instead of what they desire things to be, is closest to their own approach.

Tribe Kephale

”May those who lead have the power to do so.”

WIth strength comes the responsibility to weild to responsibly. Kephale brings both of these, in spades. Tribe Kephale view themselves as the leaders of the Pact, and act as such, though they consider this more of a duty than a privilege. This results in some - especially the fractious Adlamiri - considering them arrogant, but Kephales are wise enough to take that (mostly) in stride.

Kephales will encourage others to have the strength to stand alone and protect themselves...but will also be the first to rage if those they care about are hurt or threatened. They believe in taking matters into their own hands, wielding heavy weapons and earth magic and as much confidence and bravery as possible.

Tribe Kephale is not closest to any particular Tribe within the Jade Pact, preferring to stay on good relations with all..

Tribe Laqze

Tribe Laqze is not a recognized Tribe, as such, it does not have a recognized sigil. In fact, many doubt that they exist whatsoever, believing Laqze to be a boogeyman, little more than a cautionary tale. Laqze the Spider did not join the other Primals in making the Jade Pact, and, according to stories, lurked near Jade Pact holdings, hoping to lure individuals away to eat.

Tales eventually arose of Jade Pact members who worked against the Pact, took efforts to undermine the balance, who turned against their brethren. During one of the banishment councils, an elder made a sarcastic comment about Laqze “getting” the about-to-be-banished member, and the comment stuck.

According the the stories, those who give themselves to Laqze are the antithesis of everything it means to be Jade Pact: honorless, ravagers of the wild, destroyers of all the Pact has struggled to build.
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