Problem Involving Foam Insulation

Hiya there!

My party and I ran into a bit of a problem. We bought two types of pipe insulation, a 4-pack of 1/2" x 3 ft, and 3 3/4" x 6 ft foam. Problem is, the 4-pack is 1/8th too small, and the 3/4" doesn't fit the size of pipe we have, a 1/2" pipe. It jiggles around whenever you shake it.

We thought we could either duct-tape the 3/4" pipe to the swords to try to get them to work, or possibly apply another layer of foam to the 1/2". Our store doesn't carry the 5"8 we need, so another possible answer would be to return the items and buy it online.

What would be the best course of action?


Gettysburg Staff
Your best bet, in all honesty, is to get the foam online or see if a local mom & pop type place will order it for you.

I've had good success with Ace Hardware or Do It Best-affiliated stores ordering it for you.

Depending on where you are DIB will ship to a store for you to pick it up and there is usually not a shipping charge.

norman b

Home Depot has some amazing foam. Its lightweight and almost perfect size. You buy some of the small ones and layer the larger over the top. Its lightweight and lasts a long time.



I'm assuming you are wanting to make Boffers and not swords. Use some stockings (not leggings) to make covers to help keep it light and soft.


Adding more duct tape isn't a great plan, it'll just add a -ton- of weight to your sword for no good reason. I don't recommend layering foam either, it just makes points of failure more likely when it can twist. Especially when you can get the correct foam for cheaper than two layers of incorrect thickness foam.

Product you want is here. 5/8" wall thickness self-sealing pipe insulation. PVC diameters are the same as iron pipe diameters, so the insulation listed for 1/2" and 3/4" iron pipe will should fit the same PVC.
I am with Justin. I order through ACE or Grainger online.

norman b

I have never had my double layer fail. I also seal them together with spray adhesive or DAP adhesive. Also, I use only the minimum duct tape needed.
Sweet, thanks for the replies guys! ^.^

I'll talk to my group about it, see if we can't get any of those to work. Chances are we'll return some of the foam and buy either the Home Depot insulation or take the money and buy it online.


One technique I've used when the only option is foam that's too big (and invariably it will be; typical round pipe insulation is built for a pipe with a inner diameter measurement, while kitespar / graphite cores are usually measured based on the outer diameter) is to carefully measure how bit it *should* be and cut a straight strip out of the join to size it down. Basically, you want to cut a long thin straight strip all the way down so that it properly fits snug against your core and the edges meet up exactly. This works great with 2 layers of 3/8" foam, so you are definitely over the 5/8" minimum on a striking surface.