Resolved Protective reflex and spirit recall

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If I use protective reflex, am I able to use spirit recall while still in my own prison?

Out Of Game: Spirit Recall is able to be used with an OOG verbal but requires no In Game action or statement to activate (allowing it to be used while Silenced)

Is from the last bit of ritual text, and we are unsure where this lands within game abilities.


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Based upon the prior clarification, you may not begin a Spirit Recall while under any effect that would either make you completely immobilized, or unable to make decisions. This includes Protective Reflex which just puts you within the effect of a self cast prison.

A Spirit Recall should be treated like a self rift. You need to be conscious, able to make decisions, and not be completely immobilized (sleeping, dead, prisoned and paralysis are no, binding effects, laughed or drained are a yes, for some examples) and like a Rift it can be interrupted via the same methods. The intent is to treat it as a PC rift.

This can be summarized as Spirit Recall following the activation rules of a Magic Item, with additional constraints that it can be interrupted just like Rifting.
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