Public Events in New Acarthia: 19-21 July 419


Friday, 19 July
Mages Guild – 11 bells – Deepjugs Tavern

Presiding: Alexander Fairfax, Guildmaster of the New Acarthia Mages Guild
Guild business, Treating celestial burns
Open to potential members.

Healers Guild – 11 bells – Deepjugs Tavern
Presiding: Cynder, Guildmistress of the New Acarthia Healers Guild
Guild business
Open to potential members.

Chess Tournament – 19-21 July – TBD
Presiding: Sir Kendrick Eisenhal
Register in advance to play in Chess Tournament. Brackets to be established. Times and location of matches may vary. See Sir Kendrick for details.

Saturday, 20 July
Breakfast – 9-11 bells – Deepjugs Tavern

Chef: Peat
Breakfast pastries
Hashbrown casserole (special diet restricted versions may be requested only in advance, please)

Merchants Guild – 10 bells – Deepjugs Tavern
Presiding: High Guildmaster Craymon DuAubec
Guild business; acquisition of resources.
Open to potential members.

Loremasters Guild – 11 bells – Deepjugs Tavern
Presiding: Asisstant Savant Thistle
Agatha Farthington of Westhold, Ungsteen chapter
Topic: Update on the information from Jackie McRainy provided to Markov and passed along to the Wayfarers in June
Open to potential members.

Elementally Marked Gathering – Noon – Deepjugs Tavern
An anonymous request to gather those who are currently marked by the elements, or those interested in obtaining such a mark.

Ducal Paladins' Sentencing Review of Sir Darius Wagerset – 3-5 bells – Deepjugs Tavern (outside, weather permitting)
Presiding: Sir Garret Kane, High Lord Magistrate of the Duchy; Sir Nolan Barnett; Sir Terry Warchester
Review of July 418 sentence upon Sir Darius Wagerset, including progress on Knight's Quest to propose improvements to the Laws of Acarthia, and determine Paladins' opinion on this knight's fitness for potential restoration as Baron of Rivervale
Open to public audience.

Dinner – 6-8 bells – Deepjugs Tavern
Chef: Peat
Salad/Grain bowl bar (choose a bed of salad greens or mixed wild rice, and load up with your options of meats, cheeses, sauces, dressings, and assorted options)

Saturnalia Celebration – 8 bells til midnight – Deepjugs Tavern
Setup: Quarter to 7 bells
Hostess: Alis Stormslayer

Open to the public. Semi-formal dress in theme of "Strength."

Sunday, 21 July
Breakfast – 9-11 bells – Deepjugs Tavern

Breakfast pastries
Leftover hashbrown casserole (if available)

No other public events are scheduled for the 21st of July.

  • Chivalry School: Cancelled for July in the interest of convenient scheduling
  • Acarthian Historical Society: Cancelled for July in the interest of convenient scheduling
  • Treasure Bag auctions: Immediately after each town-wide engagement

[OOG Note: This schedule is provided online only as a courtesy. There are no current plans to print this and make it available onsite. Please plan accordingly.]
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Alliance Logistics
Merchant's Guild meeting at 10 bells, Saturday morning. High Guildmaster Craymon presumably presiding.

Jesse Grabowski

Chief Executive Officer
Denver Staff
Indeed! We have resources to acquire! See you then!