Punishments from stealing items from the circle


Atlanta Staff
Good morning: This is Hearth Glen where a war is being fought over reality. Cause and effect has deadly meaning here as our actions and in-actions will help determine who wins the mantle. To improve our chances at survival, have begun storing items of use in both the Earth Circle and the Celestial Circle. This is a community repository of resources that is readily available for ”Town" use. Trust has been placed in those invested in the circles to be beyond reproach in regards to utilizing these resources. The only true punishment for stealing the items in the circle is shifting the balance of power among the remaining powers. It’s a deadly and steep price to pay for temporary gain. Since only those who are invested in the Earth circle can enter and take the items, it will be readily apparent who the primary suspects are. It is up to the integrity and honor of each individual invested to steward these resources and use them for the greater good. If the items are used for the best of town's interest I do not think anyone will challenge the decision. Using a potion to save a life is after all common sense. With so few high magic users, taking a scroll and using it for yourself is going to be very hard to do and if it happens then the list of suspects will be very narrow. We were summoned here by the aspect of Hospitality and it is up to us to do the right thing. v/r: Heinricht Hammer-Forged