Putting my affair' in good order

Air Raksa

I won't sugar-coat it. I'm dying.

My people don't live more than twenty year', except in some very rare occasion' of complete cowardice. I won't have it said that I went out like that. Every magic old and new has been offered to me. Sastrawan I was born and Sastrawan I will die. I reject the pathetic offer' of Dragon', Dragon-Spirit', Dragon-Children, Fey and Squid-headed people. They all wish they could have lived a life filled with such glory and carnage.

With great effort I will be coming to the Hollow from Fury Fall' in Barran. If anyone or anything out there in all the Deadlands has some kind of unresolved issue with me: Now might be the last time you get to say your peace or let steel talk for you. I promise: I have one more good fight left in me.

When I leave from here, through the mists: to go die in my Dojo, lonesome and drunk, I will consider all matters settled. My "estate" as it were, will be in the trusted control of High Mage Gebous, my ever-faithful lawyer; as I have sired no children, other than the one I slayed by never having him.



Alliance Logistics
Alliance Owner
Rock (I met you as Rock and will always call you Rock no matter what) brother...I don't want to hear such non-sense as this. I have trained and taught you so much, we come from the same cloth. If there is any thing I have said to you, know that we NEVER give up, no matter what. If you feel your adventure is truly over my friend, change the adventure. There will always be more treasure to grab, more people to save, more adventures to have and maybe even more people to piss off. If you want to talk privately you know where to find me.


Air Raksa


You are like my eldest mentor, almost my father. You raised me from when I was only five year' old. You taught me a lot of thing'. Thing' I will never forget.

Look at me now.

I can't eat food or drink anything without pissing or crapping all over myself or forgetting what I was doing. It' horrible. I'm old and I'm dying.

I try to connect with younger adventurer', but I am like an Armor Golem... a relic of another age.

Don't tell me when I can die. I know how.

-"Rock" is dead
We have had our differences but I will always respect you as a warrior. If you desire it, I offer you my sword. One last duel to die as a warrior should: weapon in hand. This is not a challenge. I have no quarrel with you but I make the offer for the end of the October gather if you wish it so that your end can be as I have seen you live. By the strength of your arm rather than in a bottle by a bed. A warrior's death for one who has proven again and again to be one of the greatest swordsman Fortanis has ever known.

Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer

Air Raksa

With any luck; worm' will be happily eating me in October, although the offer is appreciated.

I never understood why you testified against me, I had just risked my life to get you a life spell, not an hour earlier. You knew full well what making yourself my enemy was going to be like... and yet you did it anyway. Must be a Biata thing, I guess, like you must alway' carry the weight of Fortannis on your shoulder'. Well... I wish you good luck with that, Sir Knight.




I have had the honor of fighting with you and at times, against you.
Your blade is swift and always to its mark.

While I would wish anyone else a peaceful passing from this world into the next, I hope yours is remembered by violence and glory.

Your story will be told.


It has been a honor fighting at your side.
Thank you for the countless times you had my back. I look forward to seeing you one last time in The Hollow.
Please join me for a dram of whiskey and we will laugh at ourselves for a while.

- Tova

Air Raksa

It was my honor to bleed with you and fight by your side. If you tell my story, please leave out the part' where I got arrested, enslaved, made to farm cucumber' and turned into a Lich. That' all really embarrassing. In a couple of year' no one will believe any of it is true, anyway.

I'll have more than a dram, I'm sure. You can help me remember the name' of all the people that I will be reunited with and who patiently await you. Since it is so long, we'll probably need more than one bottle.



Had you told me years ago, that I would hold a raving mad blood-drinking psychopath as one of my closest friends and allies, I would have laughed in your face. Your unique sense of honor and justice often got you in trouble with the law, but that never stopped you form doing what you thought was right. Something that few people ever gave you credit for.

The number of battles I would not have walked away from without you are numerous, but neither of us ever kept an actual count. To do so would have implied some debt between us, and that has never been who you are. Countless times you have bloodied your blade in the defense of innocent people that will never understand you. Allow me to thank you one last time in their honor.

You will not die alone and drunk in your Dojo my very old and self-soiling friend.

I am coming for you.

Prepare yourself.

-Kainen Morloki