Pyretide Festivities


Atlanta Staff
Welcome brave adventurers of Fortannis to Pyretide! Pyretide is an annual celebration across the baronies where we honor the fallen heroes, and brace for winter’s trials. Like the rebirth of the phoenix which it honors, this occasion is in equal parts joyous and solemn, and we are happy to have you here. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, please respect the land and its customs. The festival has three main parts, each honoring a different region of Chalameria:

The sacrificial burn honoring Wincor:
  • Those from Wincor burn a wish
  • Those from Elian burn a regret
  • Those from Laurentium burn a desire
  • Those from Maram burn a secret
The decorative trading honoring Laurentium, during which each region displays its color with cloth, beads and other items; some may bring items of their color to trade with those from other baronies
  • Green for Elion
  • Blue for Laurentium
  • Yellow for Wincor
  • Red for Maram
The third is the dessert sharing honoring Elion: each region brings its specialty to the table
  • Breads and pies from Elion
  • Confections and candies from Laurentium
  • Maple or honey desserts from Wincor
  • Fruits and cheeses from Maram
This festival reminds us that we are united in our quest for something greater, and reminds us that despite our differences each of us brings our own strengths and support to the table. So come on in, make yourselves at home, and help us honor Chalameria at Pyretide!

OOG: During this event we encourage you to think of where your character is from, and participate according to the traditions of your home barony! If you are a traveler, feel free to think of what makes the most sense for your own place of origin to share, or choose one of these to adhere to. We will have food and color-coded items to trade, but encourage you to bring your own to share and embrace the festivities!