Question about character quirk

I have this idea for a character who has got this quirk which I am not sure that the game will allow so I thought I'd ask about it. My idea is that this character has been adventuring for some time and has picked up a number of wonderous and not-so wonderous items along the way. Would it be possible for me to prepare a bunch of little knick knacks that have magical yet benign, non-game altering, properties? For example, could I have a book that, when opened, telepathically says fun facts about sea turtles into the users head but is otherwise blank?

Just simple gags like that to give my character a little flair and life. I'm not married to the idea so I am okay if this is not allowed.

If the knick knacks only affect you, it's the easiest way to go. I've seen things from receiving instructions from stuffed animals to needing to rub a crystal across their heads to be able to read formal scrolls (even though according to the rules, they had the skill to be able to read them without it). But any flavor you can bring to the game (as long as its not too annoying ;) ) helps with the immersion of the game.