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Rogue looking to switch to adept here with a few questions. Using United Blow requires conversion of "signature spells" for damage. What exactly is a signature spell, what qualifies as one, and how many can you have? I searched the 2.0 Rulebook and found none of these answers, unfortunately.


Alliance Rules
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Evocation bolt (celestial) and cure/cause wounds (earth/necro) are the two signature spells.
You can memorize it at every level, with the damage starting at 5 at 1st and increasing by 5 every level, so the number you can have is “up to however many spell slots you have”

Players Guide page 72 has more info.
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Signature Spells are not fully described in the ARB or Player's Guide, unfortunately. They also carry an additional benefit of being able to be Meditated after being negated by a defense, as though they had missed completely. This entry appears to have been accidentally removed during the transition to the current ARB/PG.

Hopefully, that'll be fixed in the next iteration of the books.
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