Question about Signature Spells


Rogue looking to switch to adept here with a few questions. Using United Blow requires conversion of "signature spells" for damage. What exactly is a signature spell, what qualifies as one, and how many can you have? I searched the 2.0 Rulebook and found none of these answers, unfortunately.


Gettysburg Staff
Evocation bolt (celestial) and cure/cause wounds (earth/necro) are the two signature spells.
You can memorize it at every level, with the damage starting at 5 at 1st and increasing by 5 every level, so the number you can have is “up to however many spell slots you have”

Players Guide page 72 has more info.


Seattle Staff
Signature Spells are not fully described in the ARB or Player's Guide, unfortunately. They also carry an additional benefit of being able to be Meditated after being negated by a defense, as though they had missed completely. This entry appears to have been accidentally removed during the transition to the current ARB/PG.

Hopefully, that'll be fixed in the next iteration of the books.