Question for Dark Elves

Okay so let's assume you had some high profile target you wanted assassinated. There's no urgent need so you're going to train an assassin. You don't want it getting back to you so you don't even let this trainee know your true identity and you train a wolfkin so it won't even easily get back that it was a Dark Elf mission.

Being as you're teaching a lower race you decide to increase the chance of success by teaching assassination combat skills, some celestial magic (bind, pin, enough celestial to be able to cast a wizard lock from a scroll), alchemy, trap making, and maybe armor smithing so he can be more or less self sufficient.

So my questions are A; do you teach the wolfkin the Dark Elf language (Japanese in this case), B; would you teach one set of skills at a time or a bit of everything at once, and C; in what order would you teach the skills?

My character's background is going to be that his sensei vanished before the training was complete but I'm going for more of a roleplayed character than a by-the-books numbers duelist here so I don't really care that I'm stretching a little thin with all the different things I'm trying to learn.

And yes, I did in fact get this idea from Azumi.
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This might be a question better posed to your local plot's one of the things they're there for.