Question regarding the Charm effect

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The Charm effect states the following;
“This spell makes the victim view the caster as his or her best friend in the world. No amount of logic or role-playing will convince the victim that they are indeed charmed, and any order given will be justified and make perfect sense in the mind of the victim.”

Now if I have an NPC cast Charm on a PC, and the NPC orders "Sing for me", is the PC required to do so? I have been told that Charm has no commands associated with it, and that the caster can't command a target to do things. That it is mainly an RP effect. This seems to not be supported by the above statement under Charm.

So would the target of Charm have to sing? Barring cultural taboos and such.
The character should probably sing, with the note that if it is absolutely against their character (such as taking an Oath of Silence as part of the character's core background) they might refuse the command. That said, if you're having your NPCs do this to players who feel uncomfortable singing OOG, you should expect negative feedback from your PCs.

This spell is intended primarily to support RP which alters a character's actions in game, but does not go against the character's core. We recommend that Charm be used with this in mind to support good sportsmanship, not to try and 'break' a character.

-Bryan Gregory
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