Questions regarding age restrictions


Hello. I am new to Alliance LARP, but have prior experience with role-playing (Mostly through Table-top RPGs). I will be 16 come next New Hampshire Cinderfel event, and am wondering what sort of restrictions this may impose on me.
You can play at the New Hampshire chapter at age 16 with only one restriction, that being that an adult family member/guardian must be on site while you are there because the chapter staff cannot act on your behalf in an emergency. @Videa Logistics and @ZeroDonavan can give you more detailed answers about this and other logistical questions like that.

Look forward to seeing you then.


New Hampshire Staff
Thank you for your interest in our chapter.

Here is a link to our age restriction policy.

Parents or Guardians are welcome to play if they wish. To this effect if they wanted to hang out in the tavern they could do so either as a PC or as an NPC. Also a white headband can be worn to effectively mark some one as out of game. So if their preference was to observe the event with out directly interacting with it that is an option as well.