Quick Synopsis of the ending of Tarnakesia shard in Oct 2020


Denver Staff
Make sure you read the following information from player’s perspectives that were there for the online mods that we ran for the end of Tarnakesia.

Short-form response:
Emissaries from Galeania came to Tarnakesia and offered them an escape from the collapse of the shard. The King Stone had been destroyed. Kamala sacrificed herself to merge with Tar'ne'kesis so he would be strong enough to protect the shard from becoming completely destroyed.

Doomwing and Tar'ne'kesis held the shard together long enough for the inhabitants to leave through the mists, the Elemental Bridge or whatever means they could.

If you have further questions, we will discuss them in a one-on-one with the players/characters. The team is looking forward to giving personalized attention to everyone coming in.

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