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There was a lot to unravel from symposium, 46 total votes on items across two and a half days with a whole lot of context. While we do have a team that is going to be running through those items, a couple of things passed which may have an immediate impact on gameplay. To that end I want to officially announce that the following items are changes that have been made and are considered currently valid for use in game. If you see, or have seen, any of the following at an official Alliance event it is currently legal with pending clarification/errata, (which we ask that you please reserve your specific use case questions for the individual announcements forthcoming once ARC and Owners have had a chance to go through and clarify any known issues)

1. Any armor may be worn *UP* to tag value - in the past you were required to be able to wear and rep the appropriate amount of armor on a tag, however after much discusion about the best way to implement a positive QOL enhancement for armor across the board the solution was to change the way the initial check for armor viability was made. Now you may utilize a tag larger than your maximum armor value (Class Armor + Wear Extra Armor for Physical Armor, or Class Armor + Wear Extra Armor + High Magic for Arcane Armor}). You may always gain the benefit of the lowest of the following: For physical armor - repped armor, tag value, maximum physical armor value. For Arcane Armor: tag value, maximum arcane armor value.
ex. I am a scholar with base armor value (15) and no wear extra armor, but five points in high magic. I have a tag for an arcane armor 25. In the past I was unable to utilize this arcane armor as I could not meet the minimum criteria for use (25 total from Class Base+WEA+HM), however now I may utilize the tag for 20 points of arcane armor as my arcane armor valuation is the lowest point at 20.
ex. 2 I am a Fighter with 30 points into Wear Extra Armor and I currently rep a full 62 point suit of armor, for which I have a full 62 point tag. However it is dinner time and it is rude to eat with my helmet on. As I take my helmet off, and make sure to refit my armor for its new repped value (53), I eat with the confidence that even should a fight break out, my armor is still doing its job without the helm.

2. Non-production merchant tags - You may now see non-production (alchemy, traps, scrolls, potions, blacksmithing) valuation tags dropped for items of specific values from a specific chapter. While the specifics of this are still being worked out, these tags are considered unrestricted (may travel without approval) with the following caveats - non-home chapter may refuse to merchant for direct coin, but must be willing to accept these for partial payment of production values and generate a new non-production valuation tag. These tags should have the following items on them to be considered legal - Name of item, common value of item (1cp/sp/gp/pp or greater), originating chapter. (The specifics of this are still being worked out as the trade in and out will need to be better codified, but for now it should look something like this)
ex. I go to my logistics team as they have asked for coin to be returned in place of value tags where available. I happen to be sitting on a couple hundred silver, so I trade them in 200 silver for a tag for a Silver Bar worth 200sp from Crossroads. I may merchant, sell, or utlize part of this silver bar in the future for production.
ex. 2 I (a great alchemist) kill a monster on the field, and after the monster fumbles around in its pockets for a bit while I search them, the monster produces a tag I have never seen before - Quartz of Phenomenal Quality - 867cp - New Hampshire. I then travel in a couple of weeks to a game at NEPA, and when it comes time to pay for my Alchemy skill I turn in the Quartz of Phenomenal Quality to pay for all 160cp of my order. The staff at NEPA gives me my Alchemy order as well as a new Quartz of Nearly Phenomenal Quality tag for 707cp - New Hampshire/NEPA reduction from 867.

3. Transfer Gems - You may now see gems representing transferable magic items as loot. These gems when identified will have a number of rituals on them with a specific target. To utilize the gem requires one minute of RP focus (not meditate) on the transfer gem and an appropriate destination target while witihn a circle of power. After the focus is complete all rituals on the gem will transfer onto the target if able. (The specifics of what happens when targeting a non-viable target - not enough ritual slots, not the correct item, focus is interrupted will be hashed out soon with the official announcement).
Ex. I have come into possession of a transfer gem for a Poison Trigger and a Poison Cache (20LP each) which targets a weapon, I have a dagger with enough ritual slots open to accept two more rituals so I get my friend to drop a circle of power around us, and after one minute of focus RP on the gem and the dagger I seek out a Ritual/Crafting marshal to trade in the gem for a temp tag (which I can work with my logistics team after game to get made into a permanent tag afterwards). The gem is now spent (and can likely be turned back into MC for future use/recycling), and my dagger official has the two new rituals upon it.
Ex. 2 I have come into possession of a transfer gem for an Item Recall and a Poison Cache (20LP each) which targets a weapon. I currently only have a dagger which already has a spirit lock on it. Currently (until further notice), because the item cannot legally accept the new rituals as a whole, If I attempt a transfer it will fail (all or nothing). The gem will remain empowered as a transfer gem and my dagger will remain as it was with no change.

4. Spirit Link/Lock absorbotion - With 10 minutes of focus RP (not meditation) a character may absorb as many items as they choose which are currently spirit linked/locked to them. These items should be marked OOG in some way and placed in a safe place. With another 10 minutes of focus RP later a character may also expel as many absorbed items as they choose. While absorbed all other ritual affects are suspended, though because the item is checked in it will still utilize LP. There are a lot of fringe cases with this one which ARC is currently working through with the ownership, so bear with us while we make sure to get this one as close to right as possible, however the intent behind it was to create a quality of life enhancement for when characters with unweildly spirit linked/locked items are going to bed, or doing other mundane tasks, and not for it to be utilized as a secret puzzle or game changing surprise (desorbing the dagger into your hands to cut your bindings while the BBG monologues away, spellcrafting a spirit link onto a fancy rep to steal it away by absorbing it for the event, etc.). While some of these options may end up a viability in the future, for now the intent is that if you chose to spirit link/lock your armor, your character may shower or sleep without having to wear it (the player has always had the choice to remove these items, this is for the character) :).
ex. I am the same fighter from before, and my 62 point suit of armor is spirit locked to me, however it is time for me to get some rest. I spend 10 minutes focusing on absorbing the armor (while taking it off and keeping it in contact), and at the end of the 10 minutes I take the armor and place it all in an OOG area as it is absorbed into me.

5. Medical Forge - Medical forges have been an unwritten rule for a long time spanning across multiple chapters. Now a player may officially request a chapter to reforge their character due to medical (including non-physical) concerns. This change is done at the chapters discretion and is not guaranteed. In addtion if granted, a player may not alter the number of Craftsman skills on the current character card.
ex. I play a rogue who runs all over the place backstabbing the bad/good folks with glee! However a nasty gopher hole has tweaked my ankle and I can no longer run during this event. I bring my concern to the chapter staff, and after they have a chat about it they agree to a temporary change to my character card until such a time as my ankle helas. I work the change out with logistics, get it approved by the appointed chapter staff, and I am on my way as a Earth Scholar. Because I had 5 levels of Craftsman Forest Bandit, I must keep those on my card, though the rest may be changed to accomodate my new state of being unable to run around.

6. San Francisco and Traverse City are officially removed as members of the Alliance, and will be moving into the Legacy Chapter system according to the legacy chapter timeline. Players who wish to transfer their characters out of the closed chapters in the future should reach out to the Tech team or Dragonstamps@alliance.com down the road when they are ready.

The other 40 items will be released once we have a chance to work through all of the information and make sure that we get it right. Unlike standard online voting, we have a lot to sift through that is not easy to digest text, but expect more announcements soon!

Thanks again,

Anthony Mungo
Alliance General Manager