Race Change Needed

I am in need of the race change ritual. I am looking for anyone who can help in any aspect of this. If there is someone who has the means to do this, I also have a very able bodied group if you need a task done for payment.

Any help in finding the means to do this would be great. I will be traveling back to your area soon, bringing with me some friends of the land that I've met.

This is of the utmost importance to me.

Rowan Nightglade

is this change yours to make? and to what form?

I think she'd look good as a turtle scavenger....but then, most people would.

While all these talks about what the Race Change is for and how amazing she would look as a Scorpion Scavenger are GREAT.......

No one as responded to her question of "Can anyone help me with this?"

Me, being the purposeful Orc Shaman that I am, like to cut things to the chase. If you can help Rowan, tell us who you are and how we can contact you when we are in your lands and what you need done OR how much it would cost. If you want to ask Rowan what the scroll will do, why she needs the scroll, or why she is planning on Race Changing into a Sugarglider Scavenger, just send a message to her in her own head. If she feels that the information you are asking for serves a purpose, I am sure she will respond to you.

- Durk
I don't think people are being rude, but in my short time in Wayside I heard of at least two others searching for that same scroll, so there may not be much help readily available here...

And at least one of those is aimed at me, so I would as soon you sold it to people who don't know me. *nervous giggle* Just a thought.
I didnt think anyone was being rude either. This scroll is important to us, as I am sure it is to other people who are living in bodies that are not their true bodies.

If two people have found, and used, a Race Change scroll then we are surely in luck! These must be the lands of Race Changing!! It shouldnt take much time at all to find another one then!

If two people or one person has found, and not yet used, a Race Change scroll I would hope that they would contact us prior to using said scroll. We would certainly make it worth while to sell that scroll to us.

If no one has yet to find a Race Change scroll, then two people plus a group of 4 or more people have been, and will continue, to look for this scroll. Any direction or guidance that helps in us achieving this goal will certainly be compensated for, as this is an important task for us.

- Durk

What Durl Shellshield reffered to was that a race change is not readily available and at least two others have cliamed to be looking for one without much luck. I understand your impatience, you are a creature of action as I and my people. I cannot promise you that I will find one for you but I remember the strengh which Rowan brought to our aide in felling the Stonebiter threat and pushing Lady Death once more. I'm to understand she allied herself with a powerfull creature named Skarn. He has already race changed one person so has proven the ability to enact the magic. I counsel caution in dealing with this creature.

Other than him, you could contact the Brotherhood of the Light, which is rumored to have a scroll for the purpose. I beleive some of their ilk will grace the tavern with their prescence.

If I hear of one, I will do my best to inform you, and anyone else who seeks such a change.

On another note, I know little of your tribal customs... perhaps we can speak so as to avoid any unnessary bloodshed from some of the overly eager warriors.

Effram Rockfist
Chieftan of the Rockfist Tribe
Regent of Briarpass

I have heard about you from one of the other members of Malice, William Cross. Since I am an Orc that feels discussions about my customs and tribe are better kept private, I will send you a message to your head shortly.

I appreciate the help with finding the Race Change for Rowan. As I am sure you are aware of, this is of the utmost importance to us.

Durk Bloodrune
Shaman of the Bloodfist Clan
I agree,

I shall await your messae.

In my experience few undertake such as change lightly. I could see in Rowan an empty void, a restless need, and though I cannot feel her pain, it is plain to see for any old Orc such as I.