Racial costuming, prosthetics, and makeup


Hey all, your friendly neighborhood racial coordinator here with a PSA.

Please remember that you must always have your racial "stuff" when in play. While most of us are good at remembering the big stuff (horns, ears, mask) for our racial abilities, we were noticing a downward trend on the smaller details toward the end of season. We give a lot more leeway on freezing cold events when it comes to minor makeup, but I wanted to make sure the community didn't think that was the norm.

Failure to meet rulebook requirements for your race will result in warnings, failure of your racial abilities to function, and possibly the requirement that you change race if issues continue. I don't want to see any of that happen to anyone, so let's push each other to get our costuming back up to spec. :)

- Putting a hat on to cover the fact that you are missing horns/eartips/etc is not acceptable. We may allow this briefly if prosthetics are damaged on a mod, but this will not be allowed throughout an event.
- Many races (sarr, kin, dark elf, orc, ogre, and stone elf) are required to cover all exposed skin in some fashion to match their racial fur/skin. This can be makeup, body suits, etc. For those with masks, please remember you must do makeup around your eyes and lower face. A little skin showing is fine and normal around the collar or whatnot, but large sections of skin showing will not be approved.
- Masks for any race using them must appear to be the animal/creature and not a mask. We've had a few masks come through that could be (and have been) mistaken for masquerade masks. Please do what you can to make these look in-character. If a mask is confusing for other players, we may need to restrict its use.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Always happy to help!

I'll bump this post again when we get closer to events, but I wanted to get it out there while it was still fresh in my mind. I'll also try to update this with any additional "oopsies" that we run into that might be easy mistakes to make.