Racial Packets Upon Request

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New Hampshire Staff
Please read our Introduction to Cinderfel post located in the OOG section of our forums and our Welcome to my Island post located in the in-game section of our forums. In order to gain a sense of our campaign world. After reading them we hope you will be intrigued by one of our races, and form an inquiry about playing it in the world of Cinderfel. Please contact Cinderfelplot@gmail.com to request information on a race packet. Do not feel obligated to play that race once you have read the packet. However, we ask you do not share the information supplied in order to maintain racial plot secrets and histories. We will be happy to answer all questions about your race beyond the packet and help with developing your character history.

Thank you all for your participation
Cinderfel Director
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Excited for the reply! cannot wait to learn about my upcoming character's race