Rain-Proofing for Stone Elves?


I use Starblend regularly and it's always worked well for me (usually with barrier spray before and after application), but I don't have a lot of facial hair so I couldn't really tell you how well it works there.

norman b

Starblend is fantastic. Only use barrier after but it holds up well. It is fine for facial hair as long as you don't mind a little in your facial hair. Its usually not noticed. A friend of mine has a full beard and it doesn't usually show on it.


Oregon Staff
I only use Starblend and I have magnificent mutton chops of doom. If you're very particular you can rub it into the skin beneath the beard by a few methods, but even when I NPC'd a Dark Elf the beard usually acts as enough camouflage so that they don't see beneath a bushy beard to see the pale skin beneath.