Rathfall Winter 2023 IBGAs

Alliance Chicago

Chicago Staff
All Players will be able to submit an In-Between Game Action (IBGA) for the Rathfall Campaign. Same as before, this Winter IBGA does not clash nor invalidate an already submitted Gavaria Winter IBGA. You are allowed and encouraged to do both. All Chicago IBGAs consist of one Primary Action and up to three Upkeep Action relating to any Renown Paths you are involved with.

Submit your IBGA here

Primary Action: This is the 'meat and potatoes' big thing you are attempting to accomplish. IBGAs should either provide a hook to a mod at the following event of that setting, or reveal plot and/or useful information about the Game World. We recommend IBGAs with a single clearly defined goal, as this best fits into our chapter philosophy of what IBGAs should accomplish.

Having trouble thinking of a Primary Action? Consider one of these four group options available for this IBGA round. Note, you do not have to be affiliated with a Rathfall House to be involved with a Group IBGA:

  • With a mist gate open to the Castle Settlement, Archduke Rumil will need help setting up this new Rathfall colony.

  • Rooting out the Garden Society continues, help House Fortinbras and the Earth's Chosen investigate the vampire threats within the city of Rathfall.

  • Join the Mistweavers Tac and Mac to investigate the source of the Greed Anima in Fortune's Favor Casino.

  • Petition the Padishah of the Earth's Chosen in Silkshore to reclassify werewolves as legal.

Upkeep Action: A character may hold several renown titles; however, having multiple responsibilities and obligations can get complicated for the character. To represent this mechanically, all renown titles require an Upkeep Action submitted through an In-Between Game Action (IBGAs) to maintain good standing within their path community. List any renown groups you have rank with here.

Winter IBGAs are due at 11:59PM 12/5/2023

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Rathfall Plot Team
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