Reading and Writing for Beginners

Kindly tell your friends who cannot read about this missive.

Citizens of Wyndael,

In light of recent events, I feel it is time to deliver on some promises and establish the famed credibility of House Sterne. Before I came to Stormbreak Keep I was employed as a professor at the Imperial Wizard’s College in Bergholten, and before that I was a children's school teacher. In the spirit of House Sterne, I am reviving my role as teacher by offering a free series of classes, to begin just after midsummer. I will be teaching the fundamentals of basic reading and writing. Any and all are welcome to attend, but please let me know if you plan to so that I can make the necessary materials available. Other classes will become available once the Trolls are defeated and it becomes safe for our scholars to travel here. Let me know what you are interested in learning and I will do my best to provide teachers for those skills.

With respect,
Lady Elizabeth Keenan