Recharge Prowess and High Magic

Per this thread, Recharge Prowess may now be used to recharge High Magic.

This text "This item may not be used to renew Production skills or Channeling Pool, and may only be used to renew a High Magic point if the High Magic purchased with that point has been spent on a Times Ever ability which has been expended." brought a question up.

If I have spent High Magic to purchase a Reflexive Prison for example and then used that ability. I can now utilize a Recharge Prowess. The question is: Am I recharging that ability ie: I regain the use of the Reflexive Prison, or am I recharging a singular point of High Magic.

My interpretation of this is that you would recharge a singular point of high magic, which, seems niche and less useful than just recharging a 9th level spell, but want to clarify, as a few people think that you would recharge the ability used.


Gettysburg Staff
You are recharging 1 of the 8 points used for Reflexive Prison, or whatever used points of high magic you have.

If you’ve got 15 levels of high magic, spend 8 on Reflexive Prison, and use the Reflexive Prison, you can then use a charge from Recharge Prowess (assuming you have not already used one on a scholarly skill) to recharge a single point of your used high magic from the Reflexive Prison, which can then be combined with the other 7 unused points to allow you to meditate and spend the then 8 points you have on another Reflexive Prison.


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tieran has it correct - you can recharge a point of High Magic when using Recharge Prowess, not all High Magic points spent on the ability (the use of "point" instead of "points" is deliberate). It's certainly niche, but sometimes you might need that one extra level of Formal Magic you hadn't planned on, or one more Powerful Meditation, etc. etc.