[.11] Recharge Prowess


Recharge Prowess (General, Item [Any], Daily) -
This Ritual creates an item which can restore the usage of a spent skill once per day. A character may only benefit from this Ritual once per Logistics Period for each category of skill. The skill being renewed must be in one of the following categories: Martial Skills, Stealth Skills, Battle Magic spell, Racial skill. Note that the Recharge Prowess Ritual itself is not specific to a single category, but will only renew skills in a limited fashion as described below. This item may not be used to renew Production skills. The chosen skill must have been used earlier in the same Logistics Period and be one they normally have on their base character card, not from any additional abilities or Rituals. To activate the Ritual, the character must Focus for at least sixty seconds without interruption. They may then mark the skill on their battleboard with a 'P' over the used circle, to denote that they have used a Recharge Prowess to renew the skill. For example: Boris has two Recharge Prowess Rituals in his possession. He has used a Critical Attack, a Parry, and a 3rd level Battle Magic spell. He uses the first Recharge Prowess to renew his Parry skill by focusing on fighting practice with his man-at-arms for sixty seconds. He can use the other Recharge Prowess to renew his Battle Magic spell, but he may not use it on the Critical Attack as he's already used a Recharge Prowess Ritual on a Fighting Skill (the Parry) that same day.

There is no verbal associated with this ritual to activate, and no targeting. Is it possible to use this ritual on another player. I expend my Recharge Prowess to recharge Matty the Mage, without handing them the item.



Seattle Staff
The immediate sentence after that “They may then....” infers that the person using the RP would only impact their own battleboard, or it would be indicate “the target” or something similar.


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
This ritual can only affect the person doing it, not another person.