Here we open our eyes and are greeted by a dawn -- a dawn that many of us questioned if we would even see. The fields are still painted red with blood. Our spirits have weakened; others have been lost forever, the final sacrifice to an old world. But with it comes hope: Void is dead. Puriel is dead. The Withering retreats from the land. Through loss we have wrought our victory. I have never been prouder of each and every one of you, and my heart sang to fight alongside you.

What remains now does not belong to us; it belongs to the farmers, the weavers, the blacksmiths and soldiers. It belongs to the mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. For five years we have been the sword and the shield, the executioner, the reapers. Now we must take this piece of clay and shape it into the world that we want, and the one that so many others desperately need.

The time of the Deadlands is over. Let the reclamation begin, and let us lead the way.

Ria Sevaria of Goshawk
With the essences of Puriel and Void driven from this world, and with the Withering temporarily banished, a new dawn shall be wrought from the ashes of destruction.

Ria Sevaria is right. The Deadlands are over. As are our old ways. Henceforth, there shall be no more easy decisions. We must not work with enemies of the kingdom out of desperation any longer. We must not look the other way in hopes that our enemies will change. We can not set aside the code because we are frightened. These are things of the past, of a time where they were justifiable. With this war nearing an end, they are no longer justifiable. They will live in the past, and by my word and deed they will remain so. We are no longer a kingdom backed into a corner, fighting desperately for survival. We have succeeded. We have overcome. We are Eire, and we will not perish. Nor will the code. We owe this to those who still remain and those who died so that we might.

Thus is my word.

~ Lord Vryan, Knight of the Harvest