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  1. Muir

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    I can't find anything in the text in a quick look, so clarification question :

    I know refitting Arcane Armor requires Blacksmithing in 1.3, does that continue in 2.0? If so, why?
  2. Tantarus

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    Arcane Armor does not require blacksmithing to refit in 1.3....

    "Refitting Arcane Armor DOES NOT require the blacksmith skill. To refit Arcane Armor, the individual must kneel for one minute and concentrate."

    Source, the ritual scroll
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  3. Tantarus

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  4. Muir

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    Ah, I'm misinformed then! Was going by word of mouth, as I've never had my hands on one of those scrolls, should have checked the DB I suppose. Thanks!
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  5. Tantarus

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    I feel like it did at some point far in the past. Which is why you might think that.
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  6. MaxIrons

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    I love when people work these things out politely and with respect. Thanks to both of you.

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