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    I was one of the original 9 PC’s that started the Garrenshaw setting in 1999 and am the only one that is still active.

    My PC, General Baron Sir Marcus Valerian Husarri – Seaphis was Knighted on Saturday November 10, 2001 at the first overnight event of the Garrenshaw campaign.

    I have had 12 Squires with 6 of them becoming Nobles (5 Knights, 1 Lord)

    Sir Shaoyan Lo (Jeff R.)
    Sir Simone (Deceased) (David V.)
    Squire Eveq (Deceased) (Leah S.)
    Dame Raven (Stacy M.)
    Squire Rae (Missing) (Emily M.)
    Sir Snag (Lee I.)
    Lord Squire Darius (Farhad B.)
    Dame Ashlyn (Vanessa G.)
    Squire (Knight Candidate) Jarod (Scott W.)
    Squire (Knight Candidate) Marisa (Victoria G.)
    Squire Vellis (Rachel M.)
    Squire Hildr’ (Jess W.)

    Of those Knighted the following Squires were created.

    Squire Cerie (Deceased) (Sir Shaoyan)
    Sir Caleb (NPC) (Sir Simone)
    Sir Tolgar (Sir Snag)
    Squire (Knight Candidate) Able (Dame Ashlyn)

    Not a bad bit of work.
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    a good bit of Legacy
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  3. Tolgar... Forever without a squire!
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    Better than "Forever a squire?"
  5. Don't worry you will get that white belt and we will become buddies with Death together!
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    Oh no, I'm not saying I've been forever a squire. I just hit one year. Just that riding solo is probably objectively better.

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