Regarding the Order and its leadership


Colleagues and confidantes,

If it not already apparent given my lackluster accounting of our constituency's attendance, performance, and service to guild and common man over the preceding year, I admit here and now my attention is spread remarkably thin as of late.
While I was never so naive as to assume I could successfully rehome an entire tribe, rebuild a town, and manage a guild with no detriment to my ability to perform those tasks, I did not imagine my ability to perform one would be so impacted by me attempts to execute the others. As always, it is my policy that if one cannot offer their fullest attention to the responsibilities required of their position, they should consequentially forfeit said position; this is especially true if they are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary of other aspects of their life to better perform their duties.

My policy made evident, it is clear I must relinquish my leadership of the traveling chapter of the Order of the Earth to the next most capable member. I am, at this time, incapable of executing my responsibilities as guildmistress with the attention and care for detail required to do so, nor am I willing in any way to relinquish the responsibilities expected of me as a tribal Matriarch in order to better my performance. Thus, I offer my resignation.
It is not my intent to leave the guild; I am merely accepting a self-imposed demotion to tradesman, devoid of the responsibilities of guildmistressship. It is also not my intent to, as they say, "cut and run"; I will remain in my role as long as is necessary for a transition from my stewardship to the stewardship of my successor.

Given my spotty-at-best accounting, it is difficult to say who is the most qualified candidate for guild leader. I suspect it is either Balls, Mairead, or Ariana; Tieran is likewise qualified but I suspect he would not be fond of the responsibility.
Please apprise me of whether you will be present at the coming gather in just under two months' time; I would like to discuss this matter in person and come to this decision as a guild.

Matriarch Vaer'lux of Lordaq
Clan Vidua
Red Back Spider Tribe

I, Mairead and Arianna will be present.

I hold in great esteem your ability to make this choice. I know few who have it and less who will use it.

Does this mean I need to hand in another written test and or apply again for membership under the new Guild leader?

The consideration of your membership will most likely be handled by the new guild leader, unless V has already made a decision.

You should not have to take the written test again, but will most likely have to pass the remaining portion of the entrance.


Absolutely not - your written application is approved and either myself or my successor can proctor your practical exam at your earliest convenience. As I said in my initial resignation, I will remain in my current position until my successor is chosen; as such, you would still be working with myself or with someone who has been apprised of your pending practical application.
In short: you have nothing about which to worry.


Pursuant to this discussion, when would we prefer to meet? My initial thought was perhaps either at or directly after breakfast on the day of Death. Your thoughts?

During breakfast?


Breakfast on Death's Day suits me if it does you and the rest of our colleagues.

It appears that Arianna may have other business that will prevent her from being present in Barran in the coming days. We will work something out to make sure she has a voice in the proceedings.