Relic suggestions, to buy, for an elf



I’m looking tor something to buy and use as an earth source, for an elf. I’m planning to turn it into a magic item, so I really want it to look good and add to my costuming. Looking on Etsy but having trouble finding something the right size and style.

Please let me know what you’ve used or what you suggest,


Is this for your celestial staff-using elf? If so, consider finding the Enhanced Source ritual so that you can use your staff as a source for both schools.

But having a backup relic is still a good idea. My recommendation would be some sort of pendant, since you can easily wear it at your neck or hip and have it at the ready. A thin pendant must be at least 6 square inches. For a symbol, consider your favorite healer's guild if you're a member, find or invent a rune meaning "life", or just use an image of something natural and vibrant like a flower or fruit.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
I'm always a fan of a large pendant/amulet/medallion type of Source, since they are convenient to wear/use and are a great way to show off a personal/group/guild/important symbol for the character.

That said, I make custom, laser-engraved Source reps from wood (painted or natural coloration - see over here for some examples), so if you'd like me to make you something, feel free to message me and we can go over the details. :)