Reminder: Winter Write-ups

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    Winter Write-Ups are due this Thursday (February 15).

    For your winter write-ups you are allowed a few options but it boils down to this:

    Your character can do one major action and two minor actions.

    Major actions are something that would take up to a month or more to complete (not including travel time).

    Minor action would be actions that could be completed within a day of starting them.

    Again these are due FEBRUARY 15. We are also going to be more steadfast about due dates this year with IBGA. So if your submission is February 16, it will be disregarded until the month after if you choose to do that. Please make sure you use the IBGA form below and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message at I look forward to seeing everyone this year.
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    Can you confirm for those new and those unsure as to the address/url to be used for these IBGA's. Thanks
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