Remove the ability for Merchant to exchange tags for coin during 2.1 beta playtests


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: This vote will make it so that the Merchant ability will specifically not be able to utilize the function of exchanging standard item tags for coin at 2.1 beta playtest events. This does not change the Merchant ability in 2.1 or in 2.0, but specifically just removes the sell for coin ability for the period listed above.

Vote: For purposes of the 2.1 Beta package remove the ability for merchant to turn production in for coin [Pass]
The following chapters voted for this policy: XR, NEPA, Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Raleigh, Wisconsin
The following chapters voted against this policy: New Hampshire, Gettysburg

Synopsis of conversations: The conversations on this vote ranged from concern over unintended systems interaction during the beta period, to concern for the change to IG production increasing OOG operational cost for chapters, to ease of player interaction IG/OOG, and IG economic impact of exchange values.