PASS Replace Sorcerer with Reduced Secondary School Cost from 2.1


Atlanta Staff
Summary: This vote will remove the Sorcerer class from the 2.1 packet and replace it with a reduction in cost to the secondary school pricing.

Vote: ARC Rules update: Remove Sorcerer class from 2.1, and modify the secondary school costs within the packet for scholarly skills [PASS]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Raleigh, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg
The following chapters voted against this policy: Wisconsin, NEPA

Synopsis of conversations: There were previous conversations and points made regarding the feedback from the 2.1 Alpha packet, a want to keep in line with the current 7 class system without opening the door for carbon copy but skill xp based specialist classes, and an alternative option which had a better response rate which also accomplishes a similar concept.