Requesting Assistance Between Gathers


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Good morrow to all!

The adventuring community as a whole was able to procure the necessary materials and items for the building of a well and more lodging with the agreement that we would be able to assist our neighbors during the downtime between gathers. With that said, here is the following actions that NEED TO BE COVERED before our time again in Kaida Sanu. Please message me here or through whispers if you are willing to take up one of these tasks.

1) Lead 10 laborers to meet with the retired adventuring community to be trained in FARMING. Jebidah is our contact here [Tarrik has taken on this task]
2) Lead 10 laborers to the Village of Petrification to ensure that their crops are not taken/damaged [No One has taken on this task yet]
3) Lead a small group of individuals to reach the Kin Kingdom [N'Kosi had discussed taking on this task]
4) Lead a small group to discuss trade with the High Ogres [Woodrow and Lorelei had discussed taking on this task]

As always, thank you for your time and dedication to your fellow adventurer and the townsfolk that we are doing our best to provide for.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree
Anything else where you think Id be a good fit? Im great at blending in anywhere and talking, and eating and not getting in the way.

Heya Kingslayer,

Be this kicking about before the next Market or during the long winter to come? I will mayhap have time later this season, but me course for the next few weeks be set and underway.

Ratite Hudsonia Zenorum the One and Only
Valet and Livery to House Aviary
If you would be so kind as to assist those living in our settlement, I know they would greatly appreciate a kind word, a helping hand and someone to chat with.

Ratite Hudsonia Zenorum the One and Only,
This request is for the few weeks between now and our upcoming gathering in November. I will be making a posting on the Dreaming after that gather in regards to the Long Winter requests and needs of the settlement. Thank you!

Oh, I will give them ALL the words


I were chatting with the Dowager and Debutante and both are pleased as pickles to venture out across the desert with the Chief and company to attend the Protectorate aristocrats. They be especially excited to converse with the Chief as he do have such wild and progressive ideas about courtship and the ways of ladies! He were saying the romantic customs of his land do include fights to the death and extensive poesy on the yearnings and bleedings of his heart. I did hear but a few snatches of his wooing and I am not too proud to say that me pinfeathers did curl.

They do be requiring a felt-lined coach with at least four gelded leads, two maids in waiting, a footman, and regular respites from the journey to recuperate from the oppressive heat. I would insist upon a chaperone of the peerage for these good ladies as there will undoubtedly be ruffians afoot at every turn, however House Aviary do be willing to make concessions to the wilderness iffen such proprieties are beyond the pale.

Oh, and the Viceroy do say he and the Treespeaker have already begun the planning to undertake grand negotiations with the High Ogres. They are both sweet of tongue and sharp of wit, so I have no doubt our wee burg shall flourish and grow through their good deeds. I do ask that a hogshead, or three, of local ale be included in negotiations and delivered to the Idle Hours, for a bird finds a mighty thirst in these savage lands.

Ratite Hudsonia Zenorum the One and Only
Valet and Livery to House Aviary
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Oh! I did speak with Mr. Raft and he do say he are very happy to converse with the farmers about their--- farming business? "Happy" I say, though in truth he do hold the emotional expression of an under-ripe plumb and I can not say whether he follows his duty or his heart in this affair. I do admit I have no idea how the Butler knows what to do in the dirt to make all the most tasty fruits and veg to grow, but that bird has depths even the deepest fathom-line cannot plumb. Regardless, he has set off for the village and will await their stony awakening from slumber and manage all the details forthwith.

Speaking of which, I did never hear how they came to be set upon such rocky shoals. Are it a curse o'some sort? I do expect a land as wild and untamed as these would be rife with curses, hexes, and other nefarious predicaments.

Ratite Hudsonia Zenorum, Me and Only Me
Valet and Livery to House Aviary
I would gladly help if we still need someone to lead the laborers to the petrified village. Although I wish to ask if we were also needing to send a party on the trade escort for them before the next gathering or if that will be done when we meet.

- Euthymia