Rescue research

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Kai pads softly into the Ilsa's Rest Tavern, and posts a sheet of paper prominently on the wall.
It reads:
If you are interested in the rescue mission to the dark research, or if you had involvement in the rescue of Fredrick, please contact Kai for coordination and information management.

She leaves the tavern and goes looking for Hammish and Sarryn.
Ruki notices Kai's note in the tavern and nods. He pulls out a piece of parchment, saying he will go and signs his name. He then leaves the tavern and slips it under Kai's door.
Jinn walks into the tavern after a long day with a mighty thirst. He grabs a drink and goes to sit down, but before he can do so he spots the notice. He walks up, reads it, and a chill runs down his spine. Only a few days had passed since they had emerged from that terrible place... a man short. His hand absentmindedly touch his mark as memories flashed through his mind. He puts his untouched mug down and walks out of the tavern, quickly scrawling his intentions of aiding the rescue mission on some parchment. After slipping it under Kai's door he heads to his tent to go over his supplies and make a list of what he might need. First things first he was going to need a better way to carry his things, something that can survive an explosion would be best.
You would think a man like himself would be used to sleepless nights, that adding more fuel to the fires of his nightnares would do little to sway him. Radke, who had seen and done so many wretched things in his life, had started to forget what fear was, or at least the kind of fear presented by the conjurations of his mind. A giant monster kicked in the door of the fort or a swarm of vigorously angry gophers decided he looked tasty, you bet he was hightailing it to the nearest shield, but genuine terror?

He understood it like a blind man understood color. In theory.

Then he had gone to the dark reaches and been reacquainted. There was no fear for him in the threat of physical harm, and though the dolls had been extremely unsettling, nothing there had really put him off. The fear came from the reality of one of their own falling in battle.

Death had little consequences to a strong spirit. But a spirit trapped in that hell? The thought made him shiver. He deliberated infront of Kai's door for a long time before sliding a slip of paper under her door. It said only one word.

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