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    *Posted where others seeking knowledge may see*

    As many know I am constantly researching cures or remedies for issues that plague citizens and hero's alike. As such I tend to rely on others for gathering the needed materials. As I am not as adept at protecting myself on these hunts as I use to be. I also tend to go on long treks to increase my skills to better research and end up missing gathers.

    But I in turn to compensate for such treks tend to pull other adventures into the fold of the research that is in current need at the time. Since I have seen such an increase in the adventures population as of late. I place this request out there to have others let me know what possible skills you possess that can be used to assist such research. They can vary large and wide in things such as simply being a farmer or tracker to things as diverse as a mad scientist. Having this knowledge provided to me will better equip myself in selecting members to assist in the different researches needed.

    I have chosen in the past members from all skill sets to assist. It doesn't matter if your a fresh young adventurer or a well aged hero of the lands. I tend to pull who I think will provide the best support in the task at hand. Since these groups tend to change from one blight to the next. Anyone can end up joining and helping with such a task.

    If you wish to provide me with your skills in things such as your knowledge in Alchemy, Potions, or knowing how to hunt or even having the ability to listen for possible leads on solving issues. Please feel free to contact me directly as I know having this knowledge public could cause issues in security.

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    Just so it is known and refreshed in the minds of all. I am still seeking others who are willing to assist in my researches. I make it known who all assists me in my trials. As creating cures is never a task that can be completed by one person.

    Creeping Green - Sprig, Rayzela Khanduri, Terran, Lyn, Lord Magistrate Laric, and others. I will be correcting the list of names as I get all the details.
    (OOG: let me know if spelled incorrectly)
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    Current issue is Lycathropy -
    Ones assisting is as follows and sometimes simply adding the group name will be easier:

    House Raven - Gathering of materials for testing, and gathering exotic supplies for vaccinations.

    Tantaris - willing test subject for many years, and supplies information.

    One who I will simply call Dr for their safty - head researcher and created a more streamline vaccen that doesn't require exotic materials.

    Silver Wolves - information, funds, assistance in permissions in checking personnel for infections.

    Ashen Collective - funds and gathering personell to assist in getting materials.

    Zeth - diligent in identifying infected so we can know who will need the cure.

    The list grows currently as this is an ongoing research.


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