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Chicago Staff
As every bit of information helps, know that the Coalition does not have the resources or means to deal with the bandit problem until the war is over. It’s not a priority now.

That being said, these bandits have training and good use of tactics. If left alone they could join the Loyalist. Or, continue to hurt trade.

Fighting one group first hand they are formidable but not unbeatable. I suggest no less than 8 of us go see if we can get these factions on our side, or prevent them from joining the Loyalist.



*Zihr walks into the tavern a bit dusty from the road and takes a seat with Kallith, Zen, and Cass*

Friends, I have some information about Erabella. The lands are divided up into five Duchys as it was under the Pennoyers. I imagine things may change with the war, but currently there are five. Duchess Waheed we know is a supporter of the Freedom Coalition, she holds what is known as the Capital Territories which are the lands around Tilmere. Earl Archibald "Archie" De'Were and Count Jonathan Ferrant have holdings in her lands. I assume Countess Colfield does as well but didn't think to confirm it until just now. The other supporter is Duke Zephyrus Specht who holds the Eastern Territories which lie south of the capital. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either but it's probably best not to correct a Duke. Baron Marciano Gibbs pays homage and holds lands for Duke Specht.

Duke Elias Geisert, who supports the Royalists, can be found in the Northern Territories north and west of the capital. Other than his name, I was unable to find out anything else. I assume Captain Cleavius reports to him as do the other Royalists.

Duke Hendry Van Daalen of the Central Territories (West of the capital) and Duchess Odila Lazzari of the Western Territories (farther west and borders the channel to Thoinia) are undeclared. Again, other than names and territories I have been unable to find anything else.

I will begin attempting to make connections and friendships with them and other local nobility after this market day, unless something of great import happens of course. For now I must return to the mists arrival point, I received a strange dreaming from Bruisey and want to meet him at the gates to welcome him to the new lands.


*Zihr walks into the tavern a bit dusty from the road and takes a seat with Kallith, Zen, and Cass*

It's sweet that you think of me while you are dreaming Zihr, but just a little bit creepy.

- Kallith



I’m curious how your discussions with the Aristocrats guild went and about how your search to find a location for tea house went. I had very little success when attempting to find land the adventurers would be allowed to use for such purposes.



Minnesota Staff
Good afternoon friends, I have spent my time conversing with the magicians in the magic guild, mostly devoting my time to the study of some of the undead, and the problems surrounding them here. I have been made aware of a few things regarding the blight we came across.

The blight being the sickness, disease, that seems to loom over the undead in these areas. You contract it usually through close contact, such as rummaging around their bones and whatnot.

The blight seems to have four main stages to it, and these set in rather quickly. A few hours between progression it seems in most cases.

Stage 1: This can be identified by a general "unease" feeling. Maybe not quite sick in every case, but you can definitely sense somethings not quite right inside you. The cure at this stage is a cure disease spell, or potion.

Stage 2: This is marked by a very noticable stiffness of the joints, paired with the feeling from before, if you notice this, I urge you to seek help immediately. The cure for this stage is a purify spell, or potion, as the blight sets itself further into you.

Stage 3: As the blight roots itself deeper into your being, it seems to render all attempts at healing the victim useless until the blight is removed from them. Similar to how disease works I believe.
The cure for this stage gets more serious. The only way to remove it is to kill the victim, and return them to life.

And finally stage 4: At this point, the blight has woven itself into your very spirit. The effects of the blight at this stage cause its victim to bleed and hemorrhage violently, to the point the first aid wont stop the bleeding. This stage will kill its victim, and the only known cure is resurrection.

Some pretty nasty stuff I'd say.

The other thing I learned was more about possessions by undead spirits. This is when some kind of spirit overtakes your body and is pretty much in complete control of you. I was told if you hit the victim with a Destroy Undead spell, it will expel the spirit from their body, freeing them. More powerful undead will sometimes take multiple hits from this before being expelled, but in either case this does not hurt the victim.

I hope this proves useful to all of you! Stay safe this coming market.



I have news regarding my research with the solar affliction, affectionately known as the plague by most. The symptoms are nearly identical to the blight but it did have survivors, who once they healed and recovered were immune to the infection. It's final stage was also hemorrhaging, and once it had progressed to this point it was incurable. The blight appears to be a far more aggressive, fast acting version of the original solar affliction.

With Elros's news, I have a working theory I plan to look into that the blight and the solar affliction are the same disease. I think, and plan to look into, the possibility that the blighted undead are those who survived the plague in life and that immunity they carried ended up corrupted in death which causes them to be carriers of the infection once again. This isn't concrete, just a theory at this point but one that may hold water depending on what I'm able to find. If anyone is able to cross reference plague victims and enlistment records with records of those killed in combat, we may be able to find an infection pattern and be able to better protect ourselves and others.

Again, I strongly advice against touching undead or those who appear sick. There may not have been any recent active cases of plague but with the undead carrying an near identical disease, we can't be sure we aren't on the verge of another outbreak. This has had 10 years to alter and adapt itself so use extreme caution.

Also, I've been here this whole time Zihr. You dream of everyone but me? Guess I gotta haunt your nightmares now.

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