Resigning as Page Marshal.


Dear Alliance Denver community,

Effective immediately I will no longer serve as a Page Marshal/Coordinator for Alliance Denver. This is my only current "staff" role in the chapter.

As noted in my signature on the Alliance forums, my favorite comeback is "I've been LARPing since before you were born!" That said, it is noteworthy that the extensive, joyful, supportive, and playful people I met through Alliance Denver has beem truly amazing. I'm not very hopeful about my future in this chapter right now, but I hope I find a way to see and play with you in the future.

I truly wish the last month had gone differently. The excitement I shared at the announcement of new ownership was vibrant and palpable. To have it come crashing down with a series of bad decisions and catastrophic reactions has bruised my heart deeply.

I have been a PC, NPC, and Plot Member here. Perhaps of bigger significance to me, I brought my son into LARPing in this community. After all that it is really hard to see things change this way.


Jeff L