[.11] Retribution Ritual


"When this Ritual is used, the verbal will be 'Bane'."

Does that mean I don't call the base Guard verbal, and only 'Bane' or both verbals.

"Spell Shield, Bane" or "Bane"
"Dodge, Bane" or "Bane"


My guess would be you'd simply call Bane; the High Magic isn't changing between 1.3 and 2.0, so most people who aren't brand-new are going to understand it. In my mind, having someone say "Spell Shield, Bane" would be way more confusing to hear than simply "Bane", since both are defenses, and you can't typically call two defenses against a single attack/effect. (For clarity, I use "typically" here because you can technically call both Intercept and a Defense, but I don't personally consider Intercept to be a Defense in and of itself.)


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Yes, the verbal is simply "Bane". You do not announce the other ability you're using; "Bane" is sufficient for the other party to understand what's happening.


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So the spell shield goes off and me as the attacker don't know that the defender used the spell shield too?
There’s a little bit of a “tactical disguise” aspect in there, yeah. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, either.