Return to Tian (Event Teaser)


San Francisco Staff
The wind rises to whip past the moon white face sitting high above the cliffside. The waves from the northern sea rise and crash far below. Between pillars by the cave entrance carved into the natural cliff are two legs spread far apart. Jing Vaoh was focusing on the separation of the self within the self. Pondering the questions no one but one's own mind could answer. But in his mind, a vision began to form. A pack of wolves dark as shadow, stretched forth from the south across the great river and spread, enveloping all of Tian in Darkness. But this vision did not inspire fear within Jing Vaoh; it inspired something more akin to hope and tranquility. Quickly, Jing hopped up and snapped his legs together, landing as soft as a feather from the 20 foot height. He tried to think of where he had heard of a Dark wolf pack from before.

He believed was it the Worn Sole Pathwalkers on their way to Caius. But where had they come from? Was it Sylvarus or Therros? He couldn't recall and he would have to make his master aware of his vision. Perhaps there was something to this vision. Perhaps it was tied to his concern for Moishi. Those of Clan Kharzug had never taken so long to return from the Oni caves. Moishi had received the same training as those before him and was trained by Jing himself. This training stretched back all the way back to Musha, the first of their clan. It should be enough for those few left of his clan to handle some wild Oni but still.

Jing knew to worry is pointless; only in action can one manifest results. It was time to speak to his Master on the vision and its potential implications, the dark wolf pack the concern for Moishi could it all some how be connected Jing was not sure but he was going to find out.

The Heroes of the Mist return to gain yet another piece necessary to rid the world of the Apothic. What is the kiss of the first prince and what will it take to obtain it?

Find out on July 20th as we return to Tian.