Returning set of Noobs


Hi all,

Last summer 3 friends and I LARPed for the first time and we loved it. Since then, it is my understanding that the system for building and upgrading characters got an entire overhaul. I have even heard that we must create brand new characters with the system and have an opportunity to rewrite our backstories for the characters we do have. With all of this, I have some questions before we embark on our next LARP experience in October:

1. Is there an entirely new rulebook? If so, could someone post a link to the electronic version here or let me know where I could find it?
2. What pages of the rulebook would you recommend the 4 of us focus our attention on for the smoothest return to the LARP world?
3. The 4 of us are bringing at least 2 other brand new players for our next adventure. What pages of the rulebook would you recommend them to read & focus on?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help!


Okay, lots to answer here. Lets start with the numbered questions

1. There is a new rulebook. We've split the rulebook in to two -- a Rule Book and a Player's Guide. You'll want to read both. But most of the rules you'll need to play are in the Rule Book.

Rule Book Beta2:
Players Guide Beta:

2. The things that will probably be the biggest change for low level folks getting back in to it is knowing how the defenses work. With that said, part of 2.0 is making them more straightforward. Prerequisites for learning skills have changed, so you'll likely soon have more options as to what skills you can buy. If you were a spellcaster, some incants changed. If you had treasure (like potions, scrolls, etc) a bunch of them changed and need to be traded in for the 2.0 versions before they can be used. Honestly, I would suggest skimming most of the rulebook, probably skipping the sections for races you are not playing, high magic, and production skills if you don't have production skills. Other changes you might like in 2.0: low level players get more XP, there is a new channeling system (which is pretty friendly to starting healers), purchasing increased weapon damage starts cheaper and ramps up in cost, and a bunch of the spell incants that fix things say what they fix.

3. Honestly, read the rulebook. Pay special attention to skills you have and probably pages 87-106. If you are playing a caster make sure you know your spells and incants.

You'll want to check out the Character Management Application (CMA) at Your log in will be whatever email address your logistics team had for you when you last played. Use the Forgot my Password link ( ) to get emailed a link to set your password.

If you want to play around with builds, we have a "free play" version of the CMA where you can try out various builds before putting them in to the official site. Check out

As part of the 2.0 rules, all characters had their race unset and their build (now called XP) unspent. You'll need to choose a race again, and then choose your build. You are welcome to dramatically change your character build. The characters you met are still the same people, something just happened in the world that caused this shift in skills - for some it had very little effect and for others it was dramatic. But names, relationships, backstories, and personalities from pre-rules change should still be as you expect them to be.

If you want to significantly change your backstory, you should talk to your local plot team.

Its worth reaching out to your local logistics team (contact info is on the chapter page of the CMA), and let them know you are bringing new folks. Some chapters do recruitment incentives. And they can help you with all the local chapter specific questions you might have.


I'm so glad to hear that you're excited about coming back!

1. Yes. We have a new rulebook, it's not in print form yet but you can access it by clicking here- just click on the link in the first post, to download it.
2. For re-spending your build, i'd focus on the skill sections (starting around page 25). Any skills you want to buy I'd recommend reading up on them too. Also, there are some new race requirements (although I think you all played after the dark elf make up change happened). Read though the skills system so you have a refresher and the basics of combat down.
3. I'd focus on the same.

I'm one of the new player marshals at South Michigan. Feel free to reach out to me. You can contact me at I can help you with rebuiding your characters and answering any specific questions you might have!



Naomi and Feldor thank you so much for the fast responses! You were both very helpful. And Naomi I'll definitely take you up on that if we need. Thank you!