Ride needed from Amtrak station (Napperville or Princeton)


Hi there,

I’m looking for a ride to nationals from the Napperville Amtrak station. Train arrives at 1:53pm, but I fully expect to hang out in Napperville for a few hours (as Nationals site won’t even be open yet). Princeton station (closer to Nationals, further from Chicago but one fewer stop for me) is also an option (arrives 12:33pm).

I’m also looking for a ride to one of these stations on Monday, by 2:34pm to Napperville, or 3:44pm to Princeton.

Lastly, if anybody has a suggestion of a coffee shop, library, etc. to hang out and kill time in, in either of those two towns, that would be great.

Please let me know if you can help out :)
There are a ton of spots in Naperville. I would just walk downtown and find somewhere you want to check out. Its not far to walk from the train station.
Sure someone will pop up and volunteer, as we get closer if we have no takers I will help you get it sorted out. Have no fears!
Hi folks - I ended up having to cancel my trip due to health, so won’t be needing a ride after all. Have fun!
Sorry to hear that.