Ride to Chicago long weekend


Minnesota Staff
Hey everybody I plan on going to the Chicago long weekend event and was wondering who I could possibly join for carpooling I’m PCing so I’m bringing swords but other then that I travel very light.

I will be leaving from Bemidji so super super north so if there is anyone leaving from preferably northern (Saint Cloud) or further I would be overjoyed to cut out an extra hour of driving or else I’m fine with driving anywhere I need to get a ride. I can also leave my car in maple grove if there is anybody with room departing from or passing through there.

Thanks in advance!
-Jonathan McNicholes
(IG Roff)


What time of day can you leave on Friday? I'm hoping for a noonish or early afternoon departure from Bloomington MN, I need someone to share the driving with. I got a place for your car. I have room for 4 pcs in my mini van.

Andrea Rye


I should be able to go with you, Andrea. I'm pretty sure I'll have the time off :D