Riposte damage with a monster Slayer

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I could not find an answer in my search. I swing 20 normally and 25 when a monster slayer procs, if I swing at a monster that I have the appropriate monster slayer for and it ripostes the blow, how much damage would I take? Would it be 25 because that's how much damage I swung for or would it be 20 since I don't proc my slayer?

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To be clear, I'm fine with either ruling as this was more a fleeting thought than a problem I've run into, but I'd like to address the example below as it does not strike me as a good argument in favor of the ruling. The reason why is because a vorpal coating is a universal boost to damage, whereas a monster slayer is a circumstantial bonus to damage. Again, I'm not using this as an argument either way, but as a means to provoke further thought and discussion.
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I would say it's whatever damage you dealt is what is sent back at you. In this case, 25 damage. I see it in a similar way if you used a vorpal coating on yourself, swung, got riposted, you would take the called damage, not the pre-vorpal amount.


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I agree with the above assertion.
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