Ritual Casting



My name is Kart and I'm going to be visiting your land at the end of the month. I've heard that you may have ritual scrolls that you haven't been able to cast due to not having any accomplished formalists.

And so, I'd like to offer my services. I can cast any Earth or General Scrolls at max difficulty. I have some components for sale if you need a little extra.

I charge one gold for a casting and one gold per manipulation. The most common one being Terminate Ritual which increases the chance of success dramatically. Also as part of my cost, I keep any components I am able to conserve.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to engage my services,

Kart Silentstone

P.S. Depending on interest, I would like to ask the Earth Guild if I could use the town's permanent circle or, barring that, if someone has a Limited Circle of Power scroll that I could spell craft off of, I'd be willing to compensate for use of either.


Kart, you are coming to Acarthia?????

I can find you a LCOP scroll to borrow me thinks. :) Anyway, I'm very happy you are making the trip to our lands and it will be nice to see you again.