Ritual Madness!


South Michigan Staff
My adventuring friends, the Celestine are offering us a unique opportunity to make use of their home and their Circles of Power near the end of the November.

This affords us the chance to focus our efforts toward casting a significant number of rituals in a single evening and moreover with a little coordination we can cast and manipulate some very strong rituals.

If you can attend the Friday night gathering near the end of November, are capable of casting Formal Magic via High Magic, and interested in lending to the Ritual Madness. Send me a message and I will begin to coordinate our efforts.

If you need rituals cast, send me a message so that we can prepare our casting to do list. There will be a nominal fee for services that shall be divided between all the casters for their time and skill.

Lastly, if you need to trade or exchange Reagents let's start that process now so that we can cast efficiently at the end of the month.