Ritual Scrolls for Sale - Ilana the Dryad


Chicago Staff

Ilana will be in attendance to supply a variety of scrolls that folks may be looking for. If something interest you please send me a missive here, or seek her out during this market. We also have unique Potions that offer resistance to certain effects that will expire at the end of this market as well. Prices of course are negotiable. All scrolls are restricted unless noted.

Resist Necromancy, Command and Poison Potions. 2g each

5x Copy Formal (LCO) - 15g
4x Preserve Duration (LCO) 15g
1x Spirit Forge + Catalyst - ——CLAIMED
x2 Recharge Prowess - 15g——CLAIMED
x1 Recharge Prowess (LCO) - 10g
x1 Regeneration Scroll - 40g
x2 Poison Trigger - 12g——CLAIMED
x1 Arcane Armor - 25g——CLAIMED
x1 Resist Destroy Magic - 13g——CLAIMED
x1 Spell Parry - 15g——CLAIMED
x1 Item Recall 12g
x1 Ritual of Woe - 12g——CLAIMED
x1 Resonance - 8g——CLAIMED
x1 Stable Foundation - 5g
x1 Sacrifice - 5g——CLAIMED
x1 Sacrifice - 5g
x1 Transfer Enchantment - 10g
x1 Haven of the Living - 5g——CLAIMED
x1 Obliteration - 10g
x1 Racial Transformation - 20g
x1 Quicken Aid (LCO) - 2g——CLAIMED

All of which are scroll discovered in Evodia.

- Lady Asher Oakheart
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Lady Asher,

Please inform good Ilana that The Dragon's Hoard finds those prices acceptable for barter purposes. Is Ilana a fair person to convey that 20 gold I yet owe you? Or will you be making an appearance yourself?

Thank you for your time,
Willem Rivet

You can give her the 20g and her and I will reconnect at some point. I unfortunately will not be present at any gathering until the New Year.

Below have been claimed.

Recharge Prowess x2
Poison Trigger x2
Arcane Armor
Resist Destroy Magic
Spell Parry.
I would like to purchase the Quicken Aid LCO scroll if it is still available.

-Tarqaq Fox
I'd be interested in the resonance, and the sacrifice. - v/r: Henricht
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