Ritual Scrolls for Sale


The Order of the Scarlet Dawn: House Nemesis is currently offering Ritual Scrolls and Catalysts for sale or trade. Interested parties should contact a member of the Order to discuss your offers privately.

Preference will be given towards those individuals able to offer ritual reagents or alternate ritual scrolls, rather than coin, in exchange for these goods.

The Order is also seeking scrolls to extend or render permanent ritual effects within the lands of Icenia or Caldaria. We have resources available beyond those listed below to negotiate with interested parties.

For sale/trade:

Within the lands of Icenia:
Cloak of Darkness, Enhance Wand, Haven of the Living, Heal Golem, Mark/Unmark, Monster Slayer, Planar Asylum, Protection Aura, Render Indestructable, Seek the Whole, Spirit Lock, Spirit Store, Store Ability, Summon Foundation Elemental (& catalyst), Summon Extraplanar Creature (& catalyst), Vengeance, Warder Glyph, Whispering Wind

Brain Coral (Proscribe catalyst), Last Breath of an Innocent Man (Summon Magical Creature catalyst), Last Breath of a True King (Controlled Spirit Store catalyst)

Within the lands of Laerthan (aka The Deadlands):
Mark/Unmark, Regeneration, Spirit Farewell, Spirit Walk, Vengeance

Within the lands of Caldaria:
Create Limited Circle of Power, Elemental Burst, Extend Battle Magic Duration, Lore, Minor Construct, Obliterate, Planar Gate, Protection Aura, Race Reaver, Spirit Farewell, Store Ability, Vision, Warder Glyph

A Perfect Diamond (Summon Foundation Elemental catalyst)