Rituals and their Catalyst

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  1. Darkcrescent

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    For those aspiring to be ritual casters, or those who need to know what each Ritual does, I present a compiled list all known rituals and their catalyst.

    Scroll Name Catalyst
    Banish to < Other Plane >-----------------------Favor of a Mist Guardian
    Cleanse Corruption-------------------------Last Breath of a Dying Hero
    Conjure Artifact--------------------------------Ancient Carvings of History
    Construct---------------------------------------Constructed Catalyst
    Controlled Spirit Store-------------------------Seed of a Spiritroot Tree
    Copy Formal Scroll------------------------------Skull of a Shadow Mage
    Create Permanent Circle of Power----------------
    Destroy Magic-----------------------------------Perfect Prism
    Haven of the Living/Domain of the Defiled-------None
    Master Construct--------------------------------Agate from the Giant's Walk
    Obfuscate---------------------------------------Bottle of Clouded Air
    Obliterate--------------------------------------Heart of a Great Beast
    Permanent Duration------------------------------Shavings of a Unicorn's Horn
    Planar Gate-------------------------------------
    Proscribe---------------------------------------Obelisk of Perfect Stone
    Racial Transformation---------------------------Crystallized Tears of a Dying Love
    Regeneration------------------------------------Heart of the First Forest
    Spirit Forge------------------------------------Source of Lycanthropy
    Stable Foundation-------------------------------Something Taken for Granite (literally)
    Summon Chimera Spirit-----------------------The Last Hope of a Dying Land
    Summon Elemental (Foundation)-------------------Pure Earth from Land Beyond the Mist
    Summon Elemental (Magistarium)------------------Star of Opposites
    Summon Extra planar Creature--------------------Ash of a Failed Ritual
    Summon Extra planar Creature, Panthergast-------Chimera's Tooth
    Summon Magical Creature------------------------Solidified Essence of the Stars
    Transfer Magic----------------------------------Vial of Untouched Water
    Transform to <Greater Undead Spectral>----------Nightmare of an Innocent Child
    Disrupt Weave----------------------------------Essence of Corruption
    Renewal------------------------------------------Powdered Capstone of a Mages Tower
    Empower Race----------------------------------Favor of an Elder Race
    Bountiful Harvest-------------------------Drop of Golden Sun
    Eternal/Blighted Forest------------------------First Fallen Leaf of Autumn
    Gift of Life------------------------------------Scale of Death
    Greater Obfuscate----------------------------
    Greater Spellstore------------------------------
    Universal Speech-----------------------------------None
    Aquatic Adaptation------------------------------None
    Preserve Corpse----------------------------------None (requires said corpse)
    Launch Object------------------------------------ An Archer's Triumph

    Catalyst w/o knowledge of what scroll it's for.

    ??????????------------------------------------Queen Bee Stinger
    ?????????-------------------------------------Ash from a Monarchs Tomb
    ?????????-------------------------------------Last Relic of a Sad Life

    If you know of any ritual scrolls or catalyst not yet on this list, please contribute your voice below.

    Lord Asher Oakheart
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  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept

    Da launch object ritual needs An Archer's Triumph. Or at least sumthin' like that. There's also day catalyst that's something like "The last relic of a sad life" or sumthin'. It was the ear of a super old kobald. I think Roff has it so he can say for sure what it's called. Also I could use the Heart of the First Forest if anyone has a spare laying around.

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  3. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    If I recall correctly, the catalyst for Proscribe is an Obelisk of Ancient Stone.

    ~ Gandian
  4. Muir

    Muir Templar

    On a similar note to Ragnarok's, I would definitely be interested should someone end up with a Source of Lycanthropy they have no need for, as I am attempting to get a Spirit Forge set together. I believe I have an inkling of a lead, but that is not something that can be acted on for some months due to other pressing needs.

  5. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    I am still seeking information regarding a Queen Bee Stinger. Should anyone know what that is the catalyst for I will happily reward them with 5s for credible information.

    - Lord Asher Oakheart

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