Roland’s Notes: The World and the War


It’s Roland again.

I’ve been putting off writing another one of these journals thanks to several factors.
First and foremost, my epic failure when it came to negotiating with the Mantle Bearer of Civilization, Dea. A right hit to the ole self confidence that was. I was a dumbass for forgetting that I was dealing with Fae, and asking them to do something other than their aspect was a fool’s errand.
Traveling to Barran did nothing to help matters, with how often I came close to death and how much my weakness was a hinderance to others.

But no one is reading this to hear my self pity or promises of improvement.

The World

From what I’ve picked up so far, the Shard of HearthGlen is shaped like a Flower. Much like the design we’ve seen in reference to Adalaide’s court. The flowers we received when the mists attacked and Adalaide’s voice found us for the first time. The symbol I see on my spell scrolls.
This alone isn’t much, I know. But every little bit helps until we have a working idea of how things are situated in this shard. And given our past and hopefully future experiences with the Disjunction Circles, we are going to be hopping across all the pedals of this flower soon enough.

Which brings us to the main point of this journal entry.

The War:

This war is gonna be deciding what Fae Court is gonna be the dominating force over the land and shape it for the next thousand years. And it’s obvious that nothing will be the same after this, no matter who wins. Something I learned trying to negotiate with Dea.

As Adventurers, we were asked to help shape this war. We were asked to essentially decide who will win, and how the world will change for the next thousand years.

We’ve already made some decisions. Obvious choices and knee jerk reactions, yes. We don’t want the elemental courts to win. We didn’t want Balance to win. We attacked necromancy and by extension helped Twilight gain power. We’re open allies with Knowledge, Artifice, and dare I say Confusion.

But we have been acting like a town. Fighting for themselves, and to an extent, for what they think is best for them.

We have seen a larger world when we visited the City of Man. Er, at least what we think was the City of Man. The giant unassailable stone walls that cart down food to the starving refugees piled up at the base. Unwilling and afraid to offer shelter to anyone until the Fae War is over.

It was when we were retreating from the wall, because our martial presence could have prevented the starving refugees from having food from the gondolas, that I realized we know nothing of the land we are fighting for.

The Point:

There are civilizations out there. Places that could help us, if not now then definitely after this 2 year Fae War ends. We need to start branching out, making connections.


Enika Pineguard has been working hard on the disjunction circles and getting the whole thing dusted off. I’ve been helping where I can, but she’s the one to thank for the opportunities that are about to open up thanks to it.

Opportunities such as:

- Helping the Refugees at the City of Man. Like I know Gillie wanted to.
- Exploring new places and finding allies that aren’t Outworlders. Something I think Skoldr would appreciate.
- A chance to have their praises sung for heroics across the realm. Twurp, Duwoe, I’m looking at you two on that front. The more positively we look in the eyes of the masses, the better position we’ll be in after the war.
- A chance to enter foreign politics. Heinricht and Renard come to mind for this.

And I think everyone can agree on this general sentiment.

Helping people and certain groups around the shard can give us much needed assets for the coming days and beyond. Building our reputations to where everyone knows about us, and wants to work with us is gonna be crucial.


Because with the help of the people of the land, we can ensure that no matter who wins the Fae War, Adalaide’s wish can come true.

We can make a world that acts in spite of any unfavorable victors. A world where hospitality and cohesiveness exists even if Conflict were to win and rule the shard for the next millennia.


This may be another instance of me jumping into an idea and hoping for the best like I was when I tried negotiating with Dea. There might be something large I’m missing and my end goals will leave me with squat. But it’s something we as a group should try working towards regardless, because no matter what the end result we would be doing good work and helping people along the way.

See you next Market,
Roland Tolstoy
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