Roleplaying as a Goblin character?


Hey folks,
I've only ever done one weekend of this, but I've been wanted to get back into it. However, I have a question that I was wondering if anyone would have an answer for.
I've always liked sort of "anti-hero" neutral characters, and to me, little monsters like goblins always fit that bill. Now I know that goblins exist in the world, as they are normally played by NPCs for random events. However, I was wondering if it would be a possible consideration to be a player character of the goblin race. Like my idea is that I'd go all out with green makeup and nose/ear prosthetics, but wear a hooded cloak in town or whatever to disguise myself. Naturally if people found out I was a goblin, they would immediately turn on me and try to kill me (in a lot of cases), but I think it would be an interesting roleplaying dynamic to have to sort of play to the hearts of the people, while still being rather dumb/greedy/mean (as goblins are).
I dunno. I think it would be a fun thing to do. Wouldn't be lore breaking, but the only concern would be character stats. In all honesty, I would actually be willing to accept reduced stats just for being such a lesser race, so there's that.
The rules specifically state that monster races have abilities no PC should have access to, so I'm thinking that you'll be shot down immediately if you say you want to play a Goblin regardless of any penalties you're willing to take.

But, I mean, even if you WERE allowed by your chapter's team, you'd literally be in a mask and hood for every in-game minute of every event you ever go to (the disguise rules are pretty clear that you still have to have the ears and makeup and possibly a big green nose), and could never take that character to another chapter if you wanted to.

All in all, it sounds like way more hassle than it might be worth.

ETA: What you might want to consider doing instead is working with your plot team to make an NPC Goblin that only you play; that way you can still get the feeling you're going for without breaking any rules, and your usual character will still advance during the events you get to play it.
Sorry, the rules are very strict about what races can be PCs. If it isn't listed as a PC race in the book, you can't choose it.

That said, if you really enjoy role playing as a goblin, you could try talking to the plot staff about playing an important goblin NPC. Many NPCs are player friendly, or at least not killed on sight, especially humanoid looking NPCs. It isn't uncommon for chapters to have some sort of goblin plot that involves at least one PC friendly goblin. Keep in mind that this character would be plot controlled (even though you are portraying it) and you would have to follow the dictates of the plot staff while playing it. Also, as a NPC, the character would usually only be out for brief periods of time.

Still, if you have an itch you really want to scratch, talk to the plot staff. Staff is usually willing to work with people who offer to NPC for them by giving them roles that interest them, if at all possible.



You should also consider wylderkin. There are tons of animals out there that could easily fit your vision without being a monster race. Hamsters come to mind.


A batkin would have the ears, a lizardkin could have the green skin.. Certain Amphibians could get away with it i bet.